County Profile and Statistical Digest

The County has prepared the FY 2014-2015 County Profile and Statistical Digest to provide citizens, businesses, county officials, and other interested stakeholders with a snapshot of Isle of Wight County including key indicators regarding County Government and Tax Rates, Community Demographics, the Local Economy, Public Safety, Health & Welfare, and Parks and Recreation. The document, which provides comparative information benchmarking the County with neighboring localities, the region, state, and national averages, will be updated annually and used to help shape strategic plans, programs, and services to improve and enhance Isle of Wight County.

OPEN BURNING Regulations


Effective October 1, 2014 and ending February 14 2015, open burning is permitted within the county as long as other provisions of the County Code are followed. The following guidelines are recommended for safety and fire prevention:

  • Debris is to be far enough away from streets, roads, or highways so that smoke will not impede drivers’ vision.
  • The burn area is to be no larger than five (5) feet in diameter.
  • A water source/equipment to place dirt on the fire must be present.
  • Fire must be attended at all times.

MUSEUM: Preserving Family Treasures


curatorial_lectureSMITHFIELD, Va. – At 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 26, Isle of Wight County Museum Curator Tracey Neikirk will host a talk on the preparation, protection and preservation of many types of family documents and memorabilia – everything from photographs to fabrics.

The proper care, handling and storage of family treasures will ensure that they will be available for many generations to come. Learn More



Isle of Wight County is pleased to provide you with direct access to public documents for your review and use. In an effort to promote ease of access, the County has begun the process of digitizing public documents which can be easily accessed, searched, printed and reviewed through this web page. As a start to this process, please find available contracts, resolutions and ordinances that have been digitized through the County Attorney’s Office. As more information becomes available in digital format, those materials will be added to this page for access.

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