Proposed FY 2016-2025 Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)

The proposed FY 2016-2025 Capital Improvement Plan and Presentation are available for review on the County’s website. The CIP is a planning tool that is used as a guide for future capital spending over the next 10 years in the areas of Public Utilities, Stormwater, and General Government (Parks & Recreation, Public Building & Facilities, Public Safety, Transportation, Public Schools, and Economic Development). The proposed FY 2016-2025 CIP totals $59.5M (5 Yr.) and $168.3M (10 Yr.) for all funds. The proposed CIP is developed by the County Administrator in conjunction with county departments and local service partners. It is presented to the Planning Commission who reviews, edits, adopts the plan and forwards its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for final review, editing, and adoption following a public hearing. The first year of the adopted CIP is proposed for consideration in the County’s operating and capital budget.


The Equine Services Directory is a publication by the Department of Economic Development, and is used to promote those businesses serving our local equine industry.  Economic Development seeks to encourage and promote the equine industry through this effort.  Those businesses wishing to be included in the brochure may call 757-356-1962. The document is updated annually and is available in digital format.

Are you ready for WINTER WEATHER?

Recent Virginia winters have been cold and snowy, and many people had power outages. It’s important to be winter-ready! No matter the predictions, a significant winter storm is always possible. An important part of winter weather planning is being prepared to stay where you are until conditions improve. To help you prepare, take these steps:

Get a kit. Basic emergency supplies include:

  • Three days’ food that doesn’t need refrigeration or electricity to prepare it
  • Three days’ water (a gallon per person per day)
  • A battery-powered and/or hand-crank radio with extra batteries
  • For businesses and offices, some bottles of water, food bars and a radio or TV to hear local information about whether or not it is safe to travel
  • A power pack for recharging cell phones and other mobile devices

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