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The Victim Witness Assistance Program supports and aids crime victims, families and witnesses throughout the court process. We ensure that victims and witnesses of crimes are:
  • informed of their rights
  • treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity
  • receive authorized services
  • have the opportunity to be heard at all critical stages of the criminal justice process
  • can make the courts aware of the full impact of the crime
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We work alongside the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to assist victims and witness of crimes listed in the cases they are prosecuting. These include:
  • Certain Felonies
    • Malicious/Unlawful Wounding
    • Sexual Assault
    • Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)/Domestic Violence & Child Abuse
    • Destruction of Property/Grand Larceny
    • Homicide
  • Certain Misdemeanors
    • DUIs
    • Hit & Runs
    • Sexual Battery
    • Assault & Battery of a FAMILY MEMBER 
    • VIOLATIONS of Protective Orders
If you are a victim or witness in one of the case types listed above, our office will be in touch to discuss services, court dates and more. Please do not disregard mail from us.