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Citizen Input Summary

Why is Comprehensive Plan Public input important?
The Comprehensive Plan is based on the vision, values, and expectations of the community. Through a thorough public input process the Plan is developed, creating a framework for making important decisions that guides the future growth and development of the County for the next 20 years. The Plan is the basis for numerous types of decisions faced by your County leaders, examples include:

  • Approval or Denial of development projects;
  • Pursuing investment in transportation infrastructure;
  • Building County facilities such as schools, parks, and emergency services facilities;
  • Maintenance and expansion of water and sewer services; and
  • County code and ordinance language.

Ultimately all these decisions and many others translate into the built environment you experience every day and your way of life in the County. These decisions also go into the County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Budget which affects your tax rate. By having a strong Comprehensive Plan with clear goals, the Planning Commission and Board have a clear direction provided by the citizenry, to make decisions which will shape the County for years to come. This is why the Comprehensive Plan is so important to you as a citizen and why your input is vital to the development of the plan.

Below are links to the survey responses received during the development of the County's new comprehensive plan.  You will also find links to the public input summary reports and scenario maps.

Public Forum 1:  What is important to Isle of Wight County?
Public Forum 2:  How and Where Should We Grow?
Public Forum 3:  Preferred Land Use Scenarios 
Public Forum 4: Draft Plan