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Envisioning the Isle Comprehensive Plan

New Plan ONLINE!

This website is intended to serve as the source for all the information you may need related to the Isle of Wight County Comprehensive Plan. Whether you want to view the current plan, learn about what a Comprehensive Plan is, view upcoming opportunities to provide your input, take our current survey, or get in touch with us about the plan and process you can do it here. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to make informed decisions as you provide your input during the development of the plan.

The County's new Comprehensive Plan, Envisioning the Isle, was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 16, 2020. 

The main policy document for Envisioning the Isle may be viewed by clicking the link here:

Envisioning the Isle Comprehensive Plan  

The appendices which are adopted by reference and are part of the comprehensive plan can be found below:
Appendix I:       Citizen Survey Responses, Summary Reports, and Scenario Maps
Appendix II:      Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Map revised May 11, 2020
Appendix III:     Market Feasibility Study of Alternative Future Land Use Scenarios
Appendix IV:     Fiscal Impact Analysis of Alternative Future Land Use Scenarios
Appendix V:      Capital Impact Study
Appendix VI:     Transportation Analysis Study
Appendix VII:    Countywide Transportation Plan
Appendix VIII:   Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan 
Appendix IX:     Master Water and Sewer Plan
Appendix X:      Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Appendix XI:     Future Recommended Land Use Maps
                                  a. Map 13 - Countywide Future Recommended Land Use Map
                                  b. Map 14 - Camptown Development Service District Land Use Map
                                  c. Map 15 - Newport Development Service District Land Use Map
                                  d. Map 16 - Rushmere Village Center Land Use Map
                                  e. Map 17 - Windsor Development Service District Land Use Map