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Public Forum 3: Preferred Land Use Scenarios

View the report for a full summary of the results of Forum 3 or the appendix for greater detail into the responses.

The goal of the third public engagement process was to gain feedback on two preferred growth scenarios in order to develop one final recommended future land use plan to include in the draft comprehensive plan. The scenarios presented in this round were created from the preferences expressed in the first two rounds of public input.

If you were unable to attend any of the public meetings, please view the presentation below for additional information.


  • Slide 1: Contact information
  • Slide 2: Timeline of process
  • Slide 3: Goals of adopted 2008 Comprehensive Plan
  • Slide 4: Citizen-identified themes of current comprehensive plan
  • Slide 5: Brief overview of ongoing market assessment**
  • Slide 6: County map showing both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2
  • Slide 7: Map showing Rushmere Village Center
  • Slide 8: Map showing Newport Development Service District
  • Slide 9: Map showing Windsor Development Service District
  • Slide 10: Map showing Camptown Development Service District
  • Slide 11: Explanation of mapping exercise and survey
  • Slide 12: Maps showing the predicted daily increase or decrease of traffic counts in each scenario – study done by  Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO)
  • Slide 13: Pictorial and written explanation of each of the land uses depicted in Scenarios 1 and 2
  • Slide 14: Next steps in the comprehensive planning process
  • Slide 15: Meeting dates and times

Capital Impact Scenario Comparison — These tables project the potential fiscal impact of providing public service to new growth over the next 20 years (2020-2040). These estimates utilize the County’s projected population growth over the next 20 years and represent a “worst case scenario” for fiscal impacts. They do not take into account the expansion or recycling of existing facilities and resources.

Fiscal Impact Analysis Report — The analysis factors in all variable revenues generated by future growth/development. All operating and capital costs attributable to future development are included in the analysis. Comparing available resources to projected costs reveals sufficient revenues to cover the projected expenditures for each of the scenarios.

Market Assessment of Growth Scenarios — The report includes descriptions of the scenarios analyzed; land use capacities; demographics; labor force, employment, and real estate trends; and market feasibility assessment and considerations.