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Public Forum 1: What's Important to Isle of Wight County?

View the report for a full summary of the results or the appendix for greater detail into the responses.

The first round of public forums took place in June and July 2017.  During these forums, participants were asked to identify “What’s Important to Isle of Wight County” by providing answers to the following:

  • In the future, I would like Isle of Wight to…
  • The best things about Isle of Wight are…
  • The worst things about Isle of Wight are…
  • Growth and development in Isle of Wight should…

They were also asked to identify the important locations throughout the county and list the issues that face the county.  If you were unable to attend any of the public meetings, please view the presentation below.

Analysis on the input from both the paper and online surveys was completed in December 2017. A broad summary of the results are depicted below.
1.Summary-of-Input-Dec-2017-4-pages_Page_3-300x232    2.Summary-of-Input-Dec-2017-4-pages_Page_2-300x232 
3.Summary-of-Input-Dec-2017-4-pages_Page_1-300x232    4.Summary-of-Input-Dec-2017-4-pages_Page_4-300x232