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Andrea Stallings Clontz is the Emergency Management Coordinator Andreafor the County. In 2003, she accepted a position with Isle of Wight County as their Accounting Manager. In 2007, Andrea became the Assistant to the Isle of Wight County Administrator and began her tenure as a “Jane-of-all-trades”. After serving for three years in the capacity of Deputy Emergency Manager in addition to her roles as the Assistant to the County Administrator, Andrea became the Emergency Management Coordinator for Isle of Wight County in 2013. Andrea is an active member on a number of Regional and State Emergency Management Committees. She serves as the 1st Vice-Chair of the Hampton Roads Emergency Management Committee (HREMC), the Chair of the Hampton Roads Regional Catastrophic Planning Team (RCPT), and serves on the steering committee of the State Hurricane Evacuation Committee.

Originally from Isle of Wight County, Andrea Clontz received an Accounting Degree from VA Tech in 1989. After graduation from VA Tech, Andrea worked for Irving Burton Associates, a Washington DC management consulting firm, for six years. While working in Washington, Andrea served as an Auditor-in-Charge and worked on various contracts for the Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Energy, HUD and the CIA.

Emergency Management promotes a comprehensive emergency management program to mitigate the community’s impacts from manmade, natural or technological disasters and potential catastrophic incidents by utilizing mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery strategies.  Emergency Management assists in the development and implementations of comprehensive disaster planning, mitigation, and response activities under the previsions of county and state statutes.

The County’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is also maintained by the Emergency Management Coordinator. The EOC may become the command and control center during any event and/or disaster, (natural or man-made) and provides a central point for coordinating operational, administrative, and support needs.