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Becoming A Candidate

There will be four local office seats on the ballot in Isle of Wight County in 2021. The Board of Supervisors Member Seats in the Carrsville District and the Hardy District, and the School Board Member Seats in the Carrsville District and the Hardy District will be up for election this November.

Qualifications to be a candidate:

  • Qualified to vote and hold the office sought;
  • A resident of the Commonwealth for one year immediately preceding the election;
  • A resident, by the time of filing, of the County/Town in which office is sought;
Please note that where there is more than one independent candidate for an office, their names shall appear on the ballot in an order determined by the priority of time of filing for the office.

Instructions for Potential Candidates

  1. Read the candidate bulletin for the office sought.

  2. Complete the Certificate of Candidate Qualification form for the office sought. This form may be filed any time after January 1 of the election year and before the filing deadline of the election. It must be filed before a candidate can purchase a registered voter’s list.

  3. Complete the necessary Campaign Finance documents and review the laws and policies for Campaign Committees.

  4. Complete the appropriate Statement of Economic Interest form, if required.  Effective April 26, 2017, non-incumbent candidates for Statewide and General Assembly offices are required to file a SOEI with the Department of Elections. Also effective April 26, 2017, candidates for constitutional and local offices are required to file a SOEI with their local General Registrar.
  5. Complete the Declaration of Candidacy form and Petition of Qualified Voter form ( petition is not required if candidate is participating in non-primary party nomination process ). These forms must be filed together on or before the filing deadline for the election.
  6. Submit all qualifying forms by deadline, which is June 8, 2021.
For more information on becoming a candidate, please contact Viki Mainwaring at the Registrar's Office at 757-365-6302 or click on this link Virginia Department of Elections. Complete candidate packets are available for pickup in the Registrar's Office.