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The Circuit Court Clerk must record all documents presented for recordation which meet Virginia law in terms of their execution and recordability in the Deed Book. Even if a document is suspected to be fraudulent, the Clerk has no statutory authority to reject it if it meets the recordation requirements set forth under Virginia law.

The Clerk’s Office offers free access to the Clerk’s land records index.  The public can view a listing of documents recorded (searchable by name) at any time and without any registration necessary.

The Clerk now provides an additional tool, the Property Notification Service, by which residents can proactively monitor the status of land recordings to prevent possible fraud relating to real estate. This optional free service will allow registrants to be notified by email when documents are recorded under name(s) they register so that they can confirm that such documents are valid.

If a questionable document is identified, you can visit the Clerk’s Record Room to view the document or you may contact the Record Room by phone to purchase copies if desired. By law, copies are $.50 per page. The public Record Room is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Record Room staff can be reached directly at 757-365-6235 during public service hours. The Clerk’s Office staff are unable to provide legal advice when/if property fraud is suspected. In such cases, residents are encouraged to contact an attorney and/or law enforcement for assistance.