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Stages of Construction


 NOTE – for ALL inspections:

  • Building Permit(s) shall be posted in plain sight (to include all trades permits)
  • The property address &/or lot number shall be posted in plain sight
  • Approved plans shall be on site & available for review
  • All required Erosion & Sediment Controls shall be installed & maintained
  • ALL work shall be approved before proceeding to the next inspection.
1st -  Footing
Performed prior to placing concrete. Footing excavations dug and free of loose dirt with bottom reasonably level. Grade stakes and step down bulkheads installed. Property lines shall be marked.
2nd -  Projection (extra fee if not combined with the box/foundation)
Performed when a minimum of two (2) courses of masonry is complete and the top of the footing is clean of all debris and anchor straps installed if applicable.
3rd -  Foundation/Box (could be Slab)
Performed prior to installing subfloor. Blockwork complete with crawl space graded and free from all vegetation. First floor framing installed and anchored.
4th -  Sheathing
Performed after ALL exterior wall sheathing is installed. All braced wall blocking, hold-downs or other anchors installed.
5th -  Window & Door Flashing (extra fee if not combined with the rough-in)
Performed  after sheathing; may be performed with rough-in inspection; windows & doors shall be “flashed” in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
6th -  Rough–in
Performed prior to installing insulation. Rough framing complete with windows and exterior doors set. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough–in work complete with required pressure test on plumbing and gas piping. (If any fireplaces, installation manual must be on the job site for this inspection). Duct Blast test is required at this inspection if building under the 2015 or the 2018 Code.
7th -  Insulation
Performed prior to installation of wallboard or other finishes.(Click here to see the chart of required R values. We are in the Climate Zone 4 except Marine)
8th -  Final
All work complete with structure ready for final occupancy and use. Final grading and landscaping complete and, where applicable, best management practices as required by the Chesapeake Bay Act in place and approved. Floor finishes may be waived by the Building Official. As Built Survey is required on site for this inspection. 

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