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Isle of Wight County Electoral Board

inetha (2)  20220914_130047cropped - Copy Geoff
Inetha Holmes, Chairman (D)  Roderick Hallum, Vice Chairman (R)  Geoffrey McFather, Secretary (R)

The Isle of Wight County Electoral Board is a three-member panel appointed by the Isle of Wight County Circuit Court Judges, based on nominations from the two political parties that received the most votes in the most recent gubernatorial election. The Governor’s party has two representatives on the Board and the party receiving the next highest number of votes has one representative.

Electoral board members shall serve three-year terms and be appointed to staggered terms, one term to expire at midnight on the last day of December each year, unless the results of an election have not been certified by the board or a recount of an election has not concluded, in which case the term shall expire at midnight on the day the results are certified or the recount is concluded. No three-year term shall be shortened to comply with the political party representation requirements of this section.

The Electoral Board is charged with conducting elections in Isle of Wight County and certifying the results.

Public Notice 

Due to a scheduling conflict, the June Electoral Board meeting, scheduled for June 5 at 2:00pm, will be held on the same day at 12:00pm.


The Isle of Wight Electoral Board holds a monthly board meeting at 2:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month in the Registrar’s Office Conference Room. For more information, call 757-365-6230.  

Electoral Board Meeting Minutes

Please mail correspondence to:
Isle of Wight County Electoral Board
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