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Forms & Publications

Below are some of the most commonly used forms by our clients. You can print these out and bring them to our office, or you can mail them to the locations provided on the forms yourself. If you have any questions while filling any of the forms out, contact our office.
  • Victim Impact Statement for the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • The Victim Impact Statement is used at the Sentencing of a defendant. It’s your opportunity, as the victim, to provide a statement to the Judge about how the crime has impacted your life.
    • Please submit your Impact Statement to the Victim/Witness Office at least three weeks prior to the Sentencing date. Contact your advocate to discuss how to get the Impact Statement to us.
  • Virginia Victim’s Fund Application
    • Victims who have out-of-pocket medical costs are eligible to apply for the VVF. They negotiate bills from providers down, and then pay the medical bills for you.
    • Eligible crimes for VVF funding:
      • Felonies (Malicious/Unlawful Wounding, Sexual Assault, Homicide, etc)
      • Certain Auto Incidents (DUIs, Hit & Runs)
    • If you think you qualify for a VVF application, please contact our office to speak with an advocate.
Below are some of the publications we provide victims and witnesses the most. 
  • Restitution in Virginia: A Guide for Crime Victims
    • The Court will typically order restitution when something is owed to the victim (eg. Value of stolen items, Medical Bills, Funeral Costs). This guide, published by the Department of Criminal Justice Services, provides detailed information to better explain the restitution process.
  • Protective Orders in Virginia: A Guide for Victims
    • This guide includes information for victims who are either seeking to obtain a protective order or already have one. Definitions and eligibility are included in this guide. 
      • Please note, The IOW CA's Office does not provide individuals with legal representation in obtaining a protective order. If you would like representation for obtaining a protective order, you will either need to hire your own attorney, or consult with the Virginia Legal Aid Society to see if you qualify for pro bono or reduced fee services. Survivors of domestic violence can contact The Genieve Shelter about receiving legal representation for POs. The IOW CA's Office prosecutes violations of POs. If you have questions about POs, please contact us.