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Applying for a Temporary Tent

Whether you are planning an event on personal property or at a commercial site, a tent 900 square feet or larger, including within that area all connecting areas or spaces with a common means of egress will require a zoning and building permit. A tent 900 square feet or less with an occupancy of 51 or more will also be required to obtain a zoning and building permit.  Please submit a minimum of 14 days before event.

**Any electrical work involving more than a simple plug-in connection will require an electrical permit.**

Items needed for review:

  • Central Permitting application
    • or approved Town zoning permit
  • Site plan or aerial photograph showing the proposed tent location:
    • Dimensions
    • Distances to nearby structures
  • General Permit application
    • 2 complete sets of plans or 1 complete PDF file, if emailing
      • Tent floor plan/layout
      • Location of exits
      • Certificate of Flame Resistance
  • Once all items are submitted we will place you into a 10 business day review.
    • Once plans are approved we will notify you and request payment.
    • The zoning permit is a flat fee of $35.00.
    • The building permit $90.95 per tent exceeding 900 square feet or 51 guests

**Please note more information may be requested due to the type of project or location**

**Please contact your Homeowners Association (if applicable) prior to applying for a zoning permit. We do not enforce private covenants and restrictions**