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Applying for a Home Occupation

Running a business from your home is considered a home occupation. 

  • There is a Type I and a Type II home occupation and they are based on your zoning classification. Section 5-5002.H states the permitted uses for each home occupation as well as general standards. 
  • A zoning permit for a home occupation is the first step in applying for a business license.
    • If you are located in town limits of Windsor or Smithfield, please contact their offices for your zoning/business license. 
  • A zoning permit is a $35.00 flat fee and does NOT expire as long as the type or location of the business does not change.
  • Once your zoning permit has been issued, the next step is to contact the Commission of Revenues office at 757-365-6321, to obtain your business license.  

Home Occupation Application Packet
If you have any questions or to submit your application please email They can also be submitted in our office between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Our address is 17140 Monument Circle, Suite 100, Isle of Wight VA 23397.

**Please note, more information may be requested due to the type of project or location**

**Please contact your Homeowners Association (if applicable) prior to applying for a zoning permit. We do not enforce private covenants and restrictions**

**Please take a moment to complete the short survey at the following link. This will assist us in making sure we provide the best service possible.

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