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Itinerant Merchant/Peddler

All itinerant merchant's and peddler's doing business in Isle of Wight require a zoning permit.

**Copy of current business license required if not licensed in Isle of Wight County**   

The zoning ordinance defines itinerant merchants  as a person who shall engage in, do or transact any temporary or transient business in the county, either in one locality or in traveling from place to place in the sale of goods, services, wares and merchandise, and who, for the purpose of carrying on such business, shall hire, lease, use or occupy any building or structure, motor vehicle, tent, car, boat or public room, or any part thereof, including rooms in hotels, lodging houses or houses of private entertainment, any street, alley or other public place in any city or town or any public road in any county, for a period of less than one year, for the exhibition of or sale of such goods, wares or merchandise.

A person who shall carry from place to place any goods, wares or merchandise and offer to sell or barter the same or actually sell or barter the same. All persons who do not keep a regular place of business, whether it is a house or a vacant lot or elsewhere, open at all times in regular business hours and at the same place, who shall offer for sale goods, wares and merchandise, shall be deemed a "peddler."

Vender Guidelines 
  • Commercial Vehicle cannot be stored in a residential zoning district or parked on a residential street;
  • May operate only on a commercially zoned property with property owner’s permission or on a site that is permitted to serve or sell food and beverages such as a private club house;
  • May not store the commercial vehicle on the site overnight;
  • Obtain all required local and state permits; and
  • No by-product of the operations, including but not limited to trash, grease, grey water, or excess food, shall be disposed of in or on any Isle of Wight County property, including, but not limited to, trash cans, curbs, gutters, manholes, storm drains or sewer gates.