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Rehoming your pet

If you are interested in rehoming your animal, please review the options below:

  1. Call the facility to schedule a surrender appointment.
    Staff will need the following details about your pet:
    1. Name,  Age & Gender
    2.  Any vet records that go with this animal
    3.  A pet profile must be completed and returned to staff.  This is to ensure we are able to place the animal in the best home possible.
    4.  A photo must be sent via email or text so that we can post prior to surrender. 
    5. If you make arrangements with IOWCAS to surrender and you decide that you no longer wish to surrender, please notify staff.  We will be working hard to find placement for your animal and would like to keep our commitments to other people.
  2. Post your animal on our Home To Home services.
    1. Home to Home Webpage
    2. Home to Home Facebook Group 
    3. We do not encourage rehoming fees.
    4. If animals are posted and you make arrangements directly with another party other than IOWCAS, the facility is not liable for any issues resulting in the process of rehoming.