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Donate a Kuranda Dog & Cat Bed!

We’ve teamed up with Kuranda Dog Beds to bring you two special offers!

You can purchase one of the beds that we find dependable enough to stand up to our daily tests for your pet and Kuranda will donate a portion of your sale back to us.
All you have to do is visit the Kuranda website by clicking the Kuranda Dog or Cat Bed link on the bottom of this page.

AND you can also donate a dog or cat bed directly to the shelter!
Our dogs love their Kuranda beds so much that even our cats are jealous that the dogs get Kuranda Beds and they don’t!

But luckily for them, Kuranda makes Cat Beds and Cat Towers too!
Please donate a bed or a cat tower today and help us meet our goal of a bed for each and every one of our shelter animals! This is a great way to help us enhance our kennels and cat play rooms!

Kuranda Bed Donation Ad