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Helpful Info for Autumn Market

The Smithfield Autumn Vintage Market opens at 9 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. along all three blocks of historic Main Street! Here's some helpful information for the day:
  1. There will be drinks, baked goods, and snacks at various locations along Main Street. Food trucks, tables and chairs will be located next to the Bank of Southside Virginia (115 Main).
  2. Public restrooms are located by the Ice Cream Parlor (208 Main), in the Visitor's Center (319 Main), and at portapotties behind the Bank of Southside Virginia (115 Main) and in the parking lot behind the Visitor’s Center.
  3. We’ll have great live music during the event in front of the Ice Cream Parlor and the Visitor’s Center.
  4. Please be sure to bring cash, since not all vendors take credit cards. There are also ATMs located behind the Bank of Southside Virginia and Bank of America on Main Street.
  5. If you have large items to pick up, please make arrangements with the vendors and/or plan on picking up these items around 6 p.m. on Main Street. Main Street will open to the general public at that time.

Parking will not be a problem! We'll have a free shuttle service from Westside Elementary School (800 West Main Street), and from the former Little's grocery store (518 Main Street) and from the Commuter Lot (corner of Main and Hwy 10, by white fence). Look for the I-Ride buses. The buses will run continuously and will drop off near the intersection of Cary and Underwood Streets. They will begin at 9 a.m. and continue to 6 p.m.
If you would prefer not to take the shuttle, here are some other parking suggestions if the lots next to the market are full:
* Smithfield Center (unless blocked for wedding or special event), 220 N. Church Street
* Empty lot across from the Library, 255 James Street
* Along Hill Street (use 110 Hill Street on GPS)
* Bank of America, 303 West Main