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40th Anniversary

To Honor Our First 40 Years
Anniversary exhibit, book and video series:
Isle of Wight County History in 40 Objects

The history of Isle of Wight County mirrors the history of the growth and development of the United States. For this milestone event, the museum tells the county's history through artifacts to give an intimate glimpse into the development of our area as well as its place in Hampton Roads and the world.

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40 Objects Video Series
by Brett England
Curator of the Isle of Wight County Museum Tracey Neikirk details each of our 40 objects in this video series.

Introduction Object 1
Fossilized Whale Vertebra
Object 2
Stone Face
Object 3
Sir Richard Worsley Document
Object 4 & 5
Nesting Weight Lid
Pistol Shot and Mold Forms
Object 6
Lawne's Creek Potter Pot
Object 7
The Southland Magazine
Object 8
Windsor Castle Artifacts
Object 9
Town of Smithfield Jail Keys
Object 10
George Purdie's Letter to the
Committee of Safety
Object 11
Olive Oil Jar
Object 12
Painting of Major Francis Boykin
Object 13
Isle of Wight Jail Key
Object 14
Todd Sales Receipt
Object 15
Tobacco Pipes
Object 16
Soil Survey
Object 17
Turkey Call
Object 18
Tax Receipts
Object 19
Artifacts from Lawne's Point Free
Black Homestead
Object 20
Woodley Receipt
Object 21
Pistol Flint
Object 22
Mourning Jewelery
Object 23
Knife and Fork Combination
Object 24
1890 Peanut
Object 25
P.D. Gwaltney Jr.'s Pet Ham
Object 26
First Pig of Virginia Advertising Art
Object 27
Three Sisters Freight Manifest
Object 28
Steamboat Whistle
Object 29
Scissors from Removing the Tolls
on the James River Bridge
Object 30
Camp Manufacturing
Object 31
Tanker R.C. Brown
Object 32
Ledger of William H. Jordan
Object 33
Coca-Cola Dispenser
Object 34
E.J. Brock Discharge Papers
Object 35
Ollie S. King Family Rotation Books
Object 36
James River Brand Cans
Object 37
Smithfield Baseball Jersey
Object 38
Program of Easter Tournament and
Grand Ball
Object 39
Brownie Hawkeye Camera
Object 40
Piece of teh Largest Ham Biscuit in
the World