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2021 Ground Entertainment

cycle circus 1cycle circus 2
Johnny Rockett's Cycle Circus Live!
Cycle Circus Live is the largest FMX freestyle entertainment show of its kind in the world today, by combining the top action sports athletes in the world, and the crazy antics of world famous comedy daredevil Johnny Rockett. Cycle Circus Live is a must see! 
This is not your average FMX freestyle show. The audience will be blown away by the combination of high tech pyrotechnics, music, and lighting that, along with our world champions of freestyle, the audience will be left sitting on the edge of their seat in disbelief with what they are witnessing. You truly have to see it to believe it! Cycle Circus Live prides itself on its individuality and uniqueness. It is truly a one of a kind experience that the entire family can enjoy and will be talking about for years to come.

Cowboy Circus 2Cowboy Circus 1
Cowboy Circus:
Cowboy Circus with Danny Grant is an incredibly interactive and educational experience for the family!
Danny Grant's Stage & Strolling Shows give guests multiple opportunities to make some Cowboy memories at the fair!
Danny's stage show features Audience Participation, Cowboy & Circus Tricks, Comedy, Live Music & More, packed into a 30-minute performance!
Danny's strolling show is an interactive walk-around performance of traveling the fairgrounds and teaching guests how-to Lasso a Bull, Spin a Trick Rope, Crack a Bullwhip, and let the kids get a great picture on one of his Rockin' Horses.
This is a wonderful experience that you, your friends and family will not want to miss!

Pirates 1Pirates 2
Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean:
Owned, presented, and performed by Sensational Murcia Productions
Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean incorporated the Sensational Murcia's world famous High Wire Act and the legendary Wheel of Death Act all in a unique Pirate thrill show production! 
Watch nonstop Pirate action, adventure, and thrills right before your eyes as performers sword fight, rope slide and perform other stunts on the high wire 20 feet in the air on top of a giant 60' pirate ship!
As if this swashbuckling action wasn't enough, watch as performers jump and slide their way onto the huge Skull and Crossbones Wheel of Death. The only of its kind in the world, watch as the pirates fight and perform stunts while walking, running, and balancing on the giant 35' rotating wheel of death.

Agri-Puppets 1Agri-Puppets 2
Agri-Puppets is a one of a kind show specializing in teaching the importance of agriculture, farming, and animals. Help our cast of characters answer trivia questions, pop bubbles, dance, name different animals, and more. Agri-Puppets: Where education meets entertainment!