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Residential Construction Debris Disposal
CONTRACTORS:  Will Not Be Allowed To Bring Construction Debris To Refuse And Recycling Centers for Residents.
ACCEPTABLE:  Waste resulting from residential home renovation, repairand remodeling.
NOT ACCEPTABLE:  Brick, block, concrete, and shingles
  • Residents of Isle of Wight County will be allowed to dispose of one full-size pickup load (8’bed) or one (12’trailer) load of residential construction debris per day at the Refuse and Recycling Centers.
  • Must show Proof of Residency (Examples of proof: Driver’s License, Mail, or Vehicle Registration)
  • Material must be sized to fit completely inside a roll-off container.  Example: (decks, fences, dog houses, hot tubs, etc.) must be disassembled into small manageable pieces before disposal.
APPROVED SITES:  ONLY the following Refuse and Recycling locations will accept the items listed above:
  • Jones Creek R&R Center
  • SPSA Transfer Station on Foursquare Rd
  • Carroll Bridge R&R Center
  • Stave Mill R&R Center
  • Carrsville R&R Center
  • Franklin SPSA Transfer Station