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Stormwater Mgt Fee - FAQs

How is the Fee Determined?

How Much is The Stormwater Management fee and When is it Due?

What period of time does the Stormwater Management Fee Cover?

What is a BMP?

What is the purpose of Stormwater Management?

What is a TMDL?

Why do I have to Pay Another Tax?

What is considered Impervious Area and how is the area measured?

What Happens When a Property is Vacant?

How is Billing done for New Properties?

How is the Money Collected From the Storm Water management fee used?

Will County Property Tax Go Down as a Result of This Fee?

How will businesses and other nonresidential properties be charged?

How are undeveloped parcels treated?

Will the County provide credits to the Stormwater Management Fee for on-site stormwater controls or BMPs?

The Stormwater Management Fee