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County Pre-pay Program

Isle of Wight County is pleased to offer an ESTIMATED MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN to assist you in budgeting for your Real Estate and Personal Property taxes. The program is called Isle Pre-pay. It is an easy payment program in which you make voluntary monthly payments. All prior years’ taxes must be paid in full before you can participate in this program.

Estimated payments will be based on your previous year’s personal property tax and real estate tax.  (Personal Property purchases during the year will increase your prepayments. Please call 757-365-6228 for updated estimated payments.) You may pay more or less than the estimated amount. Personal Property and Real Estate bills will be mailed in mid-April and mid-October with the balance due (annual charge minus any prepayments) on June 5 and December 5. Your payments into the program are completely voluntary.

Continue your payment schedule AND call the Treasurer’s office around May 15 or November 15 to make sure your Real Estate or Personal Property pre-payments are on track and your taxes have been paid in full by your pre-payments.

We hope this program will benefit you by providing an easy method of paying your personal property and real estate taxes on time. If you need additional information or assistance, please call the Treasurer’s office at 757-365-6228.

Warmest Regards,

Julie Slye