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Stormwater Management Fee – FAQs

How is the Fee Determined?

How Much is The Stormwater Management fee and When is it Due?

What period of time does the Stormwater Management Fee Cover?

What is a BMP?

What is the purpose of Stormwater Management?

What is a TMDL?

Why do I have to Pay Another Tax?

What is considered Impervious Area and how is the area measured?

What Happens When a Property is Vacant?

How is Billing done for New Properties?

How is the Money Collected From the Storm Water management fee used?

What Do Other Localities In the Area Charge for their Stormwater Management Fee?

Will County Property Tax Go Down as a Result of This Fee?

How will businesses and other nonresidential properties be charged?

How are undeveloped parcels treated?

Will the County provide credits to the Stormwater Management Fee for on-site stormwater controls or BMPs?