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Route 17 Corridor Master Plan

Please see the informational documents below in regards to the Route17 Corridor Master Plan

2011 Master Plan:
Please click this link  to view the Master Plan that has been created for the Route 17 corridor that addresses future growth and promotes public health, safety, convenience and the general welfare for the citizens of Isle of Wight County. 

Please see the map of the Route 17 Corridor as presented in the Master Plan below and links to various documents for information about the long range plan for the Route 17 corridor:
Master Plan Map

2022 STARS (Strategically Targeted and Affordable Roadway Solutions) Report:

Please click this link to view the Route 17 (Carrollton Boulevard) Corridor Improvement Study generated by VDOT that covers the area between the James River Bridge and Route 258.

Another study is being conducted by VDOT to cover from the intersection of Route 258 (Brewers Neck Blvd.) in Isle of Wight County to the intersection of College Drive in the City of Suffolk.  We will have that available as soon as it is complete.

2022 Arterial Preservation Plan 
Please click this link to view the Arterial Preservation Plan provided by VDOT that is a plan for the Route 17 corridor that is developed with a holistic approach that identifies ways to ensure the safety and preserve the capacity of the Commonwealth's arterial highway network without wide scale roadway widenings.