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Transportation in Isle of Wight is managed collaboratively by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the County’s Transportation Division. All roadways in the County are either “public” roadways owned and maintained by (VDOT) or “private” roadways owned and maintained by individual property owners. The Town of Smithfield does maintain some secondary roads within the Town boundary.

vdotLogo5The County does not own or maintain any roadways in Isle of Wight.
Safety and maintenance issues on public roadways–including flooding, tree limbs, signage, debris and all other issues within the right-of-way; should be reported to the VDOT at 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

VDOT can also be contacted on their FACEBOOK PAGE, on TWITTER, or on YouTUBE.

Local construction projects for new improvements, including sidewalks, turn lanes, bridge replacements, and road widening can be managed either by VDOT or by the Transportation Division through the State’s Locally Administered Program (LAP). An overview of the County’s LAP program can be read HERE, or watched HERE through the Board of Supervisor’s meeting video archive.


Adopt_a_HwyLooking for a public service project for yourself or your organization?  Consider the VDOT “Adopt a Highway” program.  Local businesses, informal groups and formal organizations, such as civic, social or school groups, may adopt highways.  VDOT will print the names of the organization or the adopting group in block letters on the blue and white Adopt-a-Highway signs.  For additional information visit the VDOT’s program page.

For project updates or all other issues, including assistance with unresolved VDOT issues, please contact the County Transportation Division.

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