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Litter Prevention

Litter Pollution Prevention
Elise Ring, rev. 4/12/21

Litter Pollution Prevention Resources

Litter pollution is a global issue.  Litter can be found across our community, in our rivers and streams, and in our oceans.  Not only does litter harm the County’s beautiful rural landscape and waterways, but it can be dangerous to the health of both wildlife and humans alike by exposing us to toxic materials in our environment.  It is important to help people understand how litter happens and what we can do to stop it.

What is Litter?

Litter is any misplaced piece of trash.


Why is Litter Bad? 

  • It can harm wildlife. Wildlife can eat litter and it can make them sick. They can also become trapped in litter.
  • It can harm water by putting pollutants in it and making it unsafe to fish, swim or drink.
  • It looks gross. This makes people sad and not want to stay or visit a place.


How does litter happen?

  • Throwing trash from a car
  • Dropping trash on the ground
  • Trash blowing out of uncovered trucks
  • Boaters throwing trash in the water

How can we stop litter?

Isle of Wight County Third Grade Litter Pollution Prevention Curriculum

As all teachers know, children can carry the lessons they learn at school to their homes and make a very real difference in the attitude and conduct of other family members. That’s why the children you teach are so important to this campaign and the future of Isle of Wight County.

Isle of Wight County’s Refuse and Recycling Program, in conjunction with Isle of Wight County Public Schools, has developed a FREE curriculum resource for grade 3 that increases awareness of the problem, while providing students with ways to be part of the solution. This lesson plan meets the current DOE curriculum standards.

Littering is a Global Problem

Watch how other countries around the world are getting the message out in these fun videos:

Community Cleanup Day Information

If you know of other cleanup events happening in you community, please submit them to and we will add them to this page!

VDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program -

Annual Clean the Bay Day -