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Fees and Service Rates

Fees – Residential Water

Service Fee $30.00 To establish account; due at application
Transfer Fee $30.00 To transfer account to a new address
Administration Fee $25.00 After 30 days past due date an administration fee will be added
Water Deposit $120.00 To establish service; due at application
Fire Hydrant Meter Deposit $1,000.00 To purchase bulk water; due at application

For Business, Commercial and New Construction fees contact the Business Office at (757) 365-6284 for current rates

The deposit will be applied to the customer’s account after one year, without interest, provided the account has not been delinquent during this period. Should the account become delinquent at any time during the one year period, the county shall retain the deposit until another year has passed without any delinquency in payment.

Service Rates – Residential Water

Bi-Monthly Service Charges:
Meter Charge Based on Size  
Up to 3/4" $33.14
1" $109.15
1.5" $123.44
2" $167.61
Fire Hydrant Meter $167.61
Un-metered Water Service $131.07

Water Usage Charges
Usage up to 50,000 gallons $12.35 per 1,000 gallons  (NEW RATE  7/1/23)
Usage over 50,001 gallons $9.92 per 1,000 gallons  

Connection Charges

Residential Water Installation/Connection Fees
Prior to connection to the county water main, an installation/connection fee must be paid. Except as provided herein, the following installation/connection charges apply:

Meter Size Fee
5/8 $4,500.00
1 inch $10,000.00
Commercial only (unless by special request)
Meter Size Fee
3/4 inch $6,000.00
1 inch $15,000.00
1.5 inch $30,000.00
2 inch $48,000.00
3 inch $90,000.00
4 inch $150,000.00
When the size of the connection exceeds the sizes set forth above, the applicant shall be required to pay an installation/connection fee as determined by the county.

Master Meters
The water connection fee for projects served by a master meter shall be:

  • Single-family, duplexes, houses, apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks, hotel, motel, travel trailer complex, hospital, nursing home, etc.
  • Connection fee as noted above, plus $4,000 for each additional dwelling unit or equivalent dwelling unit.

Please contact our business office at (757) 365-6319 for business/commercial connection fees.