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Blackwater Permitting Information

Permits are available to purchase at our Nike Park Office (13036 Nike Park Rd., Carrollton, VA 23314)

Permitted Activities Include: Hunting, Fishing, Biking, Paddling, Horseback Riding, Bird and Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, and Rare Plant Viewing (please check all that apply when filling out the registration form).

Permit Fees are as follows:
$10 - 1 day permit
$35 - county resident annual permit (must show proof of residence)
$100 - non-county resident annual permit

Cash or check payments ONLY at this time.

For complete details, please click HERE for the registration form
For questions and more information, please call our main office at 757-357-2291.

Blackwater Property Map:
Blackwater Map

Parking Directions:

Southern Section Parking Location: Taking Hwy 258 South turn right at Hwy 620. Take Hwy 620 9 miles. Parking location is on the right at the gas lines.
Northern Section Parking Location: Taking Hwy 258 South turn right at Hwy 620. Take Hwy 620 7 miles. Turn right at Racetrack. Take Racetrack 2 miles to Jones Town Road. Turn left at Jones Town Road. Take Jones Town Road 1.3 miles to Rattlesnake Trail Road (Gravel Road). Turn left at Rattlesnake Trail Road. Take Rattlesnake Trail Road 3.3 miles. Parking location is on the right. This is the best parking location for horse trailers.