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Located Outside of DSD

The following will take you to a map depicting the County Development Services Districts DSD map that will help you determine if you are in a DSD area.

Open burning is permitted outside the Development Service Districts (DSD’s) for the destruction of leaves and tree, yard, and garden trimmings located on the premises of private property by the residents of such property, provided that the following conditions are met:

    • Leaf burning shall be attended constantly until fire is completely extinguished
    • Water, sand, dirt or fire extinguisher shall be available at the burn site in quantity sufficient to completely extinguish the fire. (A charged water hose, one that is connected to a water source, is preferred and rake(s) and shovel(s) should also be available to control burn pile)
    • Burning shall not be conducted closer than 300 feet of any woodland, brush land, or field containing dry grass or other flammable material during periods of open burning
    • Burning shall not occur in roadside ditches or on any public or private road on which smoke could impede drivers vision
    • Burning shall not be conducted during windy and/or dry periods
    • Open burning is permitted for camp fires or other fires that are used solely for recreational purposes, for ceremonial purposes, and for outdoor non-commercial preparation of food
    • Open burning of leaves and tree, yard and garden trimmings that are collected by the County through regular roadside collection is prohibited
    • Open burning is not permitted for the disposal of household refuse by homeowners or tenants.

 Open burning is prohibited by State Air Pollution Control Board regulations from May 1st until October 1st.  State Forestry laws prohibit open burning before 4:00 pm between February 15th and April 30th (any authorized burning during this time may occur only between 4:00 and midnight).