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Fire Safety Education

For most people, homes are one-time assets, containing their most precious belongings and the place they feel safe. A home is the most important thing you own. It is prudent to ensure the security of your home and family from destructive elements such as fire.

  • Fire departments in Virginia responded to an average of 2,333 incidents per day in 2018.
  • The total fire dollar loss associated with fires in Virginia in 2018 was $249 million.
  • One civilian was killed or injured by fire in Virginia every 19 hours in 2018.
  • January was the month with the most incidents, while April was the month with the largest amount of fires.

Virginia Department of Fire Programs
Home Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

There is peace of mind that comes from knowing what you and your family can do to prevent or escape a house fire during an emergency. Protect what matters to you most by being aware of these home fire preparation and prevention tips.

Step 1: Prepare and Plan

Step 2: Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Step 3: Practice Fireplace Safety

Step 4: Practice Electrical Safety