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Be Prepared - Ready Virginia

Ready-VA-logoPreparing for emergencies is not a new concept. You take steps to stay safe every day. For instance, you wear your seat belt in the car just in case you are in an accident. You make your children wear helmets when they ride their bicycles. You double check your iron to make sure it is unplugged. Your great-grandparents probably had extra supplies in their home: soap and shampoo in bathroom closets, onions and potatoes stored in the basement, and canned goods on pantry shelves. They understood the value and wisdom of having a little extra on hand for emergencies, too.

This page is intended to provide Isle of Wight County citizens, businesses, employees and visitors with current, usable and practical information, including important facts, valuable tips and critical reminders for developing emergency preparedness plans to help you, your family, and your pets to be ready for all types of emergencies/disasters. Start now to develop a disaster plan and decide where you and your family will meet in the event of an emergency. Gather emergency supplies, some to keep in your home and others to keep in backpacks in case you must leave your home in a hurry. Finally, learn how to stay informed about the hazards you may face in Ise of Wight County, as well as where to get the latest preparedness, response and recovery information before, during and following a large scale emergency and/or disaster. Not all the information provided will apply to everyone. The best approach is to take the information that applies to you and develop an emergency plan that best fits your circumstances. Explore the information on this page to learn how quick and easy it is to get Ready Isle of Wight County!

  • Basic Disaster Supplies Kit                                    
  • Seniors                                                                    
  • Car Safety                                                                                                            
  • Water
  • Pet and Animal Emergency Planning