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21 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

by Mark Garcia June 10, 2015


A backyard swimming pool is called an “attractive nuisance” in legal parlance, and you know how attractive a pool is to young people.

If you are interested in upping your game in the pool safety department (and who isn’t), today’s post is a quick read on how to make it happen.

Here is the Big List of swimming pool safety tips that you can use to increase safety awareness, add layers of protection, and improve supervision of children around a pool.

  1. Inspect the pool area daily for any trip or slip hazards
  2. Inspect the pool equipment for any electrical or gas hazards.
  3. Inspect the doors, gates, covers or any other barriers to access
  4. Inspect your pool chemicals for proper and safe storage
  5. Remove any items near the fence that would help a child climb over the fence
  6. Door alarms or Gate alarms will alert you when doors to the pool are opened by a child
  7. Secondary internal fencing, or walls, hedges or planters can be used to restrict pool access
  8. Automatic pool covers and mesh safety covers provide a strong layer of protection
  9. Safety Turtle wristband alarms are the most effective pool alarm, in my opinion
  10. Be a Life Guard, eyes on your swimmers and within arm’s reach.
  11. Hold an annual family Pool Safety Summit, to increase pool safety awareness
  12. Teach your children how to swim, with lessons every year
  13. Actively supervise your swimmers, poolside or in the pool
  14. Never leave the pool area with kids in the pool
  15. Enforce the Pool Rules – be firm, but fair
  16. No hyperventilating or breath holding contests which can lead to shallow water blackout
  17. Teach your kids the danger of entrapment in suction lines like main drains
  18. Keep toys out of the pool area, or put away after use – toys attract children
  19. Above ground pools must use locking ladders or step systems
  20. Diving should be discouraged if not banned outright
  21. If a child is missing, check the pool first – seconds count!

For a continued resource for pool safety awareness, please click here.

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