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Manage, monitor, report, and recommend to the Board of Supervisors on the financial position of the County government to include short and long term planning in providing essential government services to the citizens of Isle of Wight. Monitor and administer the financial transactions of County operations to ensure the adequacy of resources and the efficiency and effectiveness of uses in providing essential government services to the County Departments and the citizens of Isle of Wight.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Department of Budget and Finance is responsible for the management and operation of the County budget to include all Funds encompassing General, Special, Enterprise and Agency Funds to maintain and enhance the sound financial condition of the County of Isle of Wight.

This includes but is not limited to the financial reporting and internal controls, equipment and inventory management, the administration of accounts payable and receivables, central purchasing, payroll and benefits administration, issuance of bonds and debt management, and grant administration. The Department is also responsible for the development and administration of operating, capital, enterprise, agency, and E911 budgets.

The services of the Budget and Finance Department are provided to the Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, other County Departments, Constitutional Officers, Affiliated Federal, State and Regional Agencies and the public at large as needed.

Stephanie Humphries, MBA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer 
Budget & Finance Department
P.O. Box 80
17090 Monument Cir.
Isle of Wight, VA 23397
(757) 357-5949