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IFB #21-7170-03

Isle of Wight County is seeking competitive bids to design, provide and install metal buildings on the Heritage Park & Joel C. Bradshaw Fairgrounds site located at 21311 Courthouse Hwy in Windsor, VA. The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, tools, equipment, traffic control, project safety, and other ancillary items necessary to complete the delivery and installation of items noted in the specifications. The County desires a turnkey project related to this solicitation. Contractor shall provide a warranty on all work for a period of one (1) year after final payment.

IFB #21-7170-03
IFB #21-7170-03 Addendum #1
IFB #21-7170-03 Addendum #2
IFB #21-7170-03 Addendum #3
IFB #21-7170-03 Bid Tabulation