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In Isle of Wight County, environmental planning includes the Chesapeake Bay preservation, floodplains, septic tank pump-out, wetlands, and biosolids monitoring. Planning works with a variety of regulations intended to protect environmental quality while also allowing for development to meet human needs for housing, employment, recreation, schools, cultural attractions, and more.

Environmental planning plays a role in site plan and subdivision plan review; wetlands projects including private piers, community piers, and marinas; development limits associated with the local Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Ordinance; floodplain management; embankment and shoreline erosion control; the septic tank pump-out program begun; violations; and monitoring of developments related to biosolids (treated solids, or sludge, from sewage treatment plants).

Chief among the local environmental concerns is the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Boundary (Map 2-2, IOW Comp Plan)

In Isle of Wight, the Chesapeake Bay watershed begins at the county’s northernmost point at the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area and continues toward the Town of Windsor in the southern part of the county. The western spine of the Chesapeake Bay region roughly follows Route 258, curves around the western edge of the Town of Windsor and then turns toward the east to join with the City of Suffolk border. The Chesapeake Bay region covers approximately half of the land area in Isle of Wight County.

For questions or concerns, please contact Kim Hummel (757)357-9114.

For information on Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), Stormwater, or Erosion and Sediment Control, please contact:

Division of Engineering
Environmental Programs Manager
(757) 365-1659
Or visit Environmental Programs

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Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC)

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