Wetlands Board

Isle of Wight County adopted its first Wetlands Ordinance in 1974 along with the creation of the Wetlands Board.  The purpose of the Wetlands Ordinance is to preserve and prevent the destruction of wetlands within the county while accommodating necessary economic development in a manner consistent with wetlands preservation.

In 2009 the County adopted the Coastal Primary Sand Dunes and Beaches Ordinance which is also regulated by the Wetlands Board. The purpose of the Sand Dunes and Beaches Ordinance is to preserve and protect coastal primary sand dunes and beaches and prevent their despoliation and destruction within the County while accommodating necessary economic development in a manner consistent with the protection of these features.

Citizens who desire to develop or impact wetlands or primary sand dunes and beaches are responsible to file a Joint Permit Application. Prior to considering an application, public notice is required along with notification to  adjoining property owners. When the Board determines that the anticipated private and public benefit of the proposal exceeds the anticipated private and public detriment, the proposal conforms with state guidelines and the proposal will not violate the intent of either ordinance, the Board may grant a permit. Action of the Wetlands Board is subject to review by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

If you would like to review the Bylaws which will provide further detail about how the members are appointed and how the meetings are conducted you can go to Wetlands Board Bylaws.


The Isle of Wight County Wetlands Board meetings are scheduled to be held in the Robert C. Claud, Sr. Board Room at Isle of Wight Courthouse, Isle of Wight, Virginia. The meetings are held on an as-needed basis on the third Monday of the month beginning at 6:00 P.M. Please contact the Wetlands Board Staff or the Department of Planning and Zoning at 757-365-6208 for further details.

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Smithfield District

J. Wesley Brown
101 Moore Avenue
Smithfield, VA 23430

Carrsville District

Mike Klausmeier
7136 Mill Creek Drive
Zuni, VA 23898

Hardy District

David J. Moose
14388 Burwels Bay Road
Smithfield, VA 23430

Windsor District

Wilson E. Holland
9206 Firetower Road
Windsor, VA  23487

Newport District

Marc E Brown
10169 Brown’s Marina Road
Carrollton, VA  23314


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Sharon Hart
15219 Newbill Lane
Carrollton, VA  23314

Randy Pack
505 Jordan Avenue
Smithfield, VA 23314



Sandy W. Robinson- Secretary
(O) 757-365-6208

Rachel Peabody- Virginia Marine Resources Commission
Building 96, 380 Fenwick Road
Ft. Monroe, VA 23651
(O) 757-247-8027

Kim Hummel- Environmental Planner
(O) 757-357-9114




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