Future Land Use Maps

What is the Land Use Map?

The County has a series of maps in the Comprehensive Plan which identify the Land Use Categories which apply to the entire county. Land Uses are broad classifications which define how land should be used in the future. An example Land Use Category is Rural Agricultural Conservation, this use covers a significant portion of the County and is intended to preserve rural and agricultural areas. You can use the Land Use Categories button below to see each of the Land Uses and read descriptions of the locations and activities which are appropriate.


The County has an overall Land Use Map which covers the entire County. The countywide map identifies three Development Service Districts (DSD’s) which were created through previous Comprehensive Plan processes. These districts are intended to be serviced with water and sewer infrastructure, this focuses¬†higher levels of development to key areas so it can be more efficiently serviced. This helps keep costs down when providing those services and also protects large portions of the County from being developed, preserving our rural character and agricultural community. Each DSD has its own more detailed Land Use Map.

Map 4-1

The Newport DSD is the County’s northern service district and encompasses the Carrollton area, it also extends to the southeastern edge of the Town of Smithfield, and to Suffolk along Route 17. The Newport DSD has seen the majority of County growth over the past several decades and continues to see the most development pressure. The current Land Use Map seeks to focus mixed-use development around key transportation nodes within the district.

Map 4-9

The Windsor DSD is situated in the middle of the County around the Town of Windsor. The Windsor DSD has seen some growth in recent years, mostly focused around industrial development in the County’s Shirley T. Holland Intermodal Park. The current Land Use Map provides for very low density development around the Town of Windsor because services were limited at the time the plan was developed.

Map 4-10

The Camptown DSD is the County’s southern service district and sits to the east and adjacent¬†to the City of Franklin. The Camptown DSD has had greatly varied development pressures in recent years as major businesses in the area closed and then reopened to lesser extents. The current Land Use Map seeks to focus new development or redevelopment around existing infrastructure supported by an industrial base.

Map 4-11

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