Tornado Safety


Know the difference

Tornado watch – means a tornado is possible in the area.  You should monitor your radio/TV stations for information.

Tornado warning – means a tornado has been sighted in the area or has been indicated by National Weather Service Doppler radar.  Once a warning is issued you should take cover immediately.

Tornado safety measures:

  • If you have a basement, seek shelter in the basement under a sturdy object.
  • If you don’t have a basement, seek shelter on the first floor in an interior room – such as a  closet or bathroom.
  • If you’re in a mobile home, seek safety in a building with a strong foundation. 
  • If there is no time to get indoors, lie down in a ditch,  depression or culvert.
  • Do not shelter in a car or truck.

Tornado Sheltering Tips link 

Important Links for Tornado Awareness

Get Weather Ready: Before a Tornado – US Weather Service (1:56)

Tornado PSA– NOAA weather info (1:25)

Get Weather Ready: During a TornadoUS weather service cartoon tornado safety (1:41)

More information on tornado safety can be found at 

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