Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

  1. As required by law, Statements of Services Rendered are sent to all patients treated and transported. Charges are based on the type of service provided and the distance traveled. If the patient is not transported there is no charge.
  2. Claims are filed by the County seeking reimbursement directly from the insurance carriers.
  3. Residential patients are covered by the Safe Harbor Act and are not responsible for any deductibles, co-payments, and charges not paid by third-party sources except for liability claims.
  4. Non-residential patients are billed for any deductibles, co-payments, and charges not paid by third-party sources. If patients do not have insurance, they will be responsible for any charges.

What charges will my insurance be billed?

The following fee schedule represents the fees that are charged for Isle of Wight County Emergency Transports:

  • $450.00- Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • $650.00- Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport Level 1
  • $800.00- Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport level 2
  • $11.25/mi Ground Transport Mileage

Does the EMS Revenue Recovery Program eliminate the need for me to support my local EMS agency?

No. It is essential to continue to support Volunteer agencies in the County through giving of your time, talents, and donations.

Does my insurance pay for ambulance transports?

Many insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid pay either in full or a portion of an emergency ambulance bill. To be certain, please contact your insurance company.

What if my insurance denies the claim?

The billing department will work with you to resubmit the bill. A letter from your physician might be requested to reinforce the need for an emergency transportation on that occasion.

If I am injured in a vehicle accident will my medical insurance be billed?

The auto insurance company will be billed if that information is provided.

What if I don’t have any health insurance?

Transport will never be denied due to health coverage.

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