Instructions for Rehabilitated Real Estate

Reference Chapter 15, Taxation, Article II, Real Estate Taxes, of the County of Isle of Wight Code (Genesis – Code of Virginia 58.1-3220 and 3221).

1. Application for Tax Exemption (“Exemption”) shall be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office before the proposed rehabilitation work designated by the building permits begins. A separate application shall be submitted for each structure.

2. An application processing fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be paid to the County with each application. No application will be deemed complete or will be processed until fee has been paid.

3. The Commissioner of the Revenue may require the applicant to submit all documentation deemed necessary to establish eligibility for an Exemption. No application will be considered complete or will be processed until receipt of such information.

4. All necessary building permits must be obtained.

5. The use of the property as of the date of the application may not change.

6. The property owner must be current in payment of all taxes, assessments and other fees due to the County.

7. Upon receipt of a completed application for Exemption and immediately before the proposed rehabilitation work begins, the Commissioner, or his or her designated agent, shall inspect the structure. Please call for an appointment (757) 365-6219.

8. After the rehabilitation work is complete, the Owner shall submit a written request (by certified mail, express delivery or courier) to the Commissioner, or his or her designated agent, to inspect the structure to determine if it then qualifies for the Exemption. Such inspection shall be made within sixty (60) days after such written request is received by the Commissioner of the Revenue.

9. If the property qualifies for the Exemption, then the Tax Exemption shall become effective beginning January 1st of the next calendar year after the request for inspection is received by the Commissioner of the Revenue.

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