Genealogy / Research


The Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court is a good place to conduct genealogical research. The Clerk’s Office contains the following materials:

  • Will records beginning in the 1600’s
  • Deed records beginning in the early 1700’s
  • Birth records 1853 to 1885
  • Death records 1853 to 1876
  • Marriage records beginning in 1772


We invite you to visit our spacious records room, where you can view documents on our public computers or pull the actual books from the shelves. 

The Clerk’s office provides SRA (secure remote access) to our land records.  SRA provides internet access to Deeds and Wills…Date Range 1647 to present for Wills; and Date Range 1701 to present for Deeds.  Also available are Marriage Licenses, Judgments, and Financing Statements…Date Range 1993 to present.  The hardware and software used to generate these electronic records are supplied and maintained by Logan Systems, Inc. 

If you are interested in signing up for SRA, please read our SRA cover letter and submit an application.


SRA Cover Letter

SRA Application


In 1980 documents of pre-1913 chancery causes (also known as “loose papers”) were transferred to the Library of Virginia, and said documents were then scanned and indexed by LVA, and are available to anyone free of charge.

Just visit, or simply go the and search for Chancery Records Index.  The digital images as well as the original case files are maintained at LVA at no cost to the County. 

For additional records and information on how to begin tracing your family history visit the Library of Virginia’s Website. Many of the records stored in the Clerk’s Office can be accessed through this link.

On May 21, 2012 FamilySearch began capturing digital images of genealogical/historical records, including deeds, wills, marriage records, order books, land tax books, bond books, etc from 1647 to 1917.  Today, all of these records are available online through the FamilySearch website.

For your convenience, if the researcher provides a book and page number reference, the Clerk’s Office staff will make copies at a cost of 50 cents per page.  When you send in your request, please be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning of documents.

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