Court Costs and Fines

Starting November 6, 2017 Isle of Wight County Circuit Court Fines and Cost can be paid online.

To make a payment on Fines and Cost, please click here or visit the Virginia’s Judicial System webpage.


To entered into a payment agreement please see guide listed below:



Payment Agreement for Collection of Fines, Costs, and Restitution


Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 19.2-354, the Court has authorized the Clerk of this Court to establish and approve, in conformity with VA Code Section 19.2-354 and Rule 1:24 of the Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia, individual deferred or installment payment agreements for defendants convicted of, or found not innocent in the case of a juvenile, and ordered to pay fines, costs and/or restitution for, traffic infractions or violations of any criminal law of the Commonwealth or of any political subdivision of the Commonwealth.


Having been convicted, you are liable for the payment of Court Costs and, if Ordered, Restitution. You may petition the Court to make payments on fines/costs/restitution in these ways:


1.  Installment Payment Agreement– you agree to pay a fixed monthly payment based upon your financial circumstances.


2.  Deferred Payment Agreement – you agree to pay a down payment and have the balance of Costs and Restitution paid IN FULL by a specific date certain.


3.  Modified Deferred Payment Agreement– you agree to pay a down payment and pay the balance of Costs and Restitution IN FULL by a specific date certain.    Between now and that date you will use your best efforts to make periodic payments.


4.  Community Service Agreement – Community Service is supervised by the Department of Community Corrections, or Probation and Parole, and may be arranged through said Departments.  This allows you to discharge all or part of your fines and/or costs (not Restitution, interest or collections fees), by earning credits for performance of community service work.  Hours are credited at the federal minimum wage rate (as adjusted).

(Note:  work performed as part of a Court-ordered program will not qualify).


All monetary payments are first applied to Restitution and Restitution Interest until satisfied and then applied to Court Costs.  If Restitution is Ordered to be paid “jointly and severally” with another Defendant, then each Defendant is under the obligation to pay the entire balance.

Please contact my office (757) 365-6233 if you have any questions.


Sharon N. Jones, Clerk

Isle of Wight County Circuit Court

Effective July 1, 2019

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