Inspections Dept – Forms, Applications & Fees

You can submit applications and plans via email to (Plans must be in one complete PDF file to submit digitally) or they can be submitted in our office between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Our address is 17140 Monument Circle, Suite 101, Isle of Wight VA 23397. We are in Building B which is the 2-story brick building across from the Historic Boykins Tavern. Our office is on the left, through the double glass doors.

Or Mail them in to Central Permitting, PO Box 80, Isle of Wight, VA 23397


***If you are pulling a PLUMBING PERMIT for a gas water heater that is located on public water, you will HAVE to install a listed expansion tank or valve due to the backflow preventors at the water meter***


Applications (Inspections)

ApplicationsFormsMisc Information
Address Application30 Day Temporary Power ReleaseDesign Criteria for IOW County
Appeal ApplicationCredit Card Payment FormPermit Fee Schedule July 2019
New Commercial ApplicationHVAC Certification FormSwimming Pool Guidelines
Commercial Alteration (COU) ApplicationOwner As Contractor AffidavitTypical Deck Detail - 2015
Demolition ApplicationOwner Agent Form
Electrical & Mechanical ApplicationPool Fence Affidavit
Elevator Certification ApplicationSpecial Inspections Guidelines - 2015
General Permit Application
Manufactured Home Application
Permit Extension Application
Plumbing Application
Single Family Dwelling Application


Building Inspections Fee Schedule as of July 1, 2019

Minimum Permit fee – $85.00 (All permits will have a 5.00% Tech fee and a 2.00% State surcharge-each assessed on the subtotal amount separately)

Re-Inspection fee     $125.00

Permit Extension fee – $125.00 (for 1st renewal and $125 + $25  for each additional, per six-month period after that)

Work without a permit violation fee – $150.00 1st offense (doubles each offense thereafter)

New construction

All usable area under roof:    (Includes all areas of new construction, finished or unfinished)

Up to 40,000 square feet – $0.16 per square foot

40, 000 square feet and above – $0.12 per square foot

Usable areas not under roof: (Includes decks, patios, ramps and loading docks) $85.00 or $0.16 per square foot or whichever is greater

Piers   $85.00


  • In-ground – $125.00
  • Above Ground – $85.00

Retaining Walls (as defined by Building Code) – $85.00

Towers – $85.00

Alterations – $0.12 per square foot (Alterations to shell buildings, unfinished tenant spaces, garages and attics to create finished space and alterations to previously finished spaces.)

Mobile Homes

  •  Blocking –  $85.00
  •  Plumbing – $85.00
  • Electrical – $85.00 (up to 200 amp)
  • Mechanical – $85.00


  • Main buildings and structures             $85.00
  • Accessory buildings and structures    $85.00

Signs – $85.00 per sign

Tents and other temporary structures $85.00 (900+ sq. feet)

Chimneys, fireplaces, etc. – $85.00 (Permit for chimneys, fireplaces, wood and coal stoves and other solid fuel burning heaters not included in new construction permit)

Plans examination

  • Commercial – $250.00 (plan review fee for structures other than residential or accessory structures)
  • Residential – $150.00 (plan review fee for residential structures)

Appeals – $150.00


Basic permit fee:

  • Residential – $85.00 for the first bathroom (includes 1/2 baths)
    • $10.00 for each additional (including ½ baths (minimum $85.00))
  • Commercial –  $85.00 + $10.00 per fixture

Sewers, manholes, storm drains, area drains or devices: $25.00 each (minimum $85.00 permit fee applies)


  •  New service equipment:
    •  0-200 amps      $85.00
    • 201-400 amps      $100.00
    • 401-600 amps      $125.00
    • 601+ amps      $125.00+$20 per 50 amps above 600
  •   Service upgrades and relocation of service equipment – $85.00
  •   Temporary Service Poles – $85.00 (at the beginning of construction)
  •   Service connection prior to final inspection –  $85.00 (30 Day Temporary Power)
  •   Re-connection fee – $85.00
  •   Connections and outlets – $85.00

Mechanical and Gas

  • Basic permit fee for New Construction and Equipment replacement/repair –
    • Up to $1000 contract value – $85.00
    • Over $1000 contract value  –  $85.00 + $8.00 per $1000 or fraction thereof.
  • Fuel piping:
    • Minimum permit fee – $85.00
    • Each outlet – $10.00 (minimum $85.00)
  • Fuel storage tanks and piping –  $85.00 per tank
  • Removal of fuel storage tanks – $85.00 per tank
  • Fire suppression systems – See basic mechanical permit fee
  • Elevators, dumbwaiters, etc. – $85.00 per unit

Temporary Certificates of Occupancy

  • Residential – $150.00/30 day period
  • Commercial –   $300.00/30 day period


**Please take a moment to complete the short survey at the following link. This will assist us in making sure we provide the best service possible.

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