Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors

Isle of Wight County is governed by the Board of Supervisors, an elected body of five members representing each of the County’s five election districts: Carrsville, Hardy, Newport, Smithfield and Windsor.  The Board determines all policies and ordinances that govern the County and appropriates funds for County programs through an annual budget.  The Supervisors are elected to four-year terms that are staggered at two-year intervals. The Board elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairman each year at its organizational meeting in January.

Values Statement

“To sustain Isle of Wight County’s stature as a community of CHOICE for people, families and businesses alike while preserving and protecting our rural heritage, our bountiful mix of natural resources and our natural beauty for present and future generations.”

New Board of Supervisors By-Laws and Rules of Procedure

Windsor District

Supervisor Acree

Joel C. Acree (Chairman)Link to Election District Map
100 Whitehead Farm Lane
Smithfield, VA 23430 (H): 255-2705
Start of Term: 1-1-2016
End of Term: 12-31-2023

Mr Acree’s Bio


Smithfield District

Supervisor Grice

Richard L. “Dick” Grice (Vice-Chairman)Link to Election District Map
415 Muirfield
Smithfield, VA 23430 (H) 365-9241
Start of Term: 1-1-2016
End of Term: 12-31-2023

Mr Grice’s Bio


Hardy District

Supervisor Jefferson

Rudolph JeffersonLink to Election District Map
5073 Owens Lane
Smithfield, VA 23430 (H) 357-7359
Start of Term: 1-1-2013
End of Term: 12-31-2021

Mr Jefferson’s Bio


Newport District

Supervisor McCarty

William M. McCartyLink to Election District Map
10 Thorley Street
Carrollton, VA 23314
(CP): 646-4287, (W): 356-1515
Start of Term: 1-1-2016
End of Term: 12-31-2023

Mr McCarty’s Bio

Carrsville District

Supervisor Rosie

Don G. Rosie, IILink to Election District Map
PO Box 80
Isle of Wight, VA 23397 (CP): 298-5074
Start of Term: 1-1-2018
End of Term: 12-31-2021

Mr Rosie’s Bio



Invocation Policy

The Board of Supervisors of Isle of Wight County makes it a policy to invite members of the clergy, representatives of religious and benevolent organizations in our County to voluntarily offer an invocation before the beginning of its meetings, for the benefit and blessing of the Board. Any citizen of Isle of Wight County, including those who do not belong to a religious congregation, is also invited. Any organization or individual willing to assist the Board in this regard, please send a written reply through the County’s website, via email at or via U.S. mail to Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, PO Box 80, Isle of Wight, VA 23397. This opportunity is voluntary, and you are free to offer the invocation according to the dictates of your own conscience. To maintain a spirit of respect and ecumenism, the Board requests that the opportunity not be exploited as an effort to convert others to the particular faith of the Invocation Speaker, nor to disparage any faith or belief different than that of the Invocation Speaker. On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, I thank you in advance for considering this invitation. Sincerely, Clerk to the Board.

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