Know Your Zone is a public education campaign to inform residents and visitors of the State’s new hurricane evacuation zones and their vulnerability to storm surge.  To help direct our evacuation process if a major storm hits, coastal Virginian has been divided into 4 zones based on areas most likely to flood during a hurricane. Depending on the tides, storm intensity and storm pathpeople living in one or more of the zones may be directed to evacuate.  The zones are designated A through D and will provide individuals with a better understanding of whether they should evacuate or shelter at home.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) is encouraging residents to “Know Your Zone”, so you’ll be prepared if the decision to evacuation is made.  Click HERE to find out which zone you live in.

Not all addresses in Isle of Wight are included in one of the 4 hurricane evacuation zones.   If your address is not located in a designated zone, the good news is that you are not located in an area vulnerable to storm surge and it is not expected that you would be evacuated due to any of the identified hurricane scenarios.  However, that does not mean you will never have to heed evacuation instructions.  You should still know how to protect your family from potential risks in the Commonwealth and listen closely to emergency communications during any severe weather event or emergency.

It’s also important to remember that mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to storms with high winds, including hurricanes. Residents of mobile homes in the path of serious storms will likely be advised to evacuate even if they are not located in one of the new storm evacuation zones.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Department of Emergency Services at 757-365-6308.

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